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Pan Flute
Pan Flute

Pan Flute

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Travel to the forests of ancient Greece with the melody of your very own pan flute!

Built strong and sturdy out of high quality, hard plastic, this classic instrument is designed to be fun and easy for first-time players.

The note of each pipe is embossed on the front and attached along the top is a special mouth piece that makes it easy to create strong, clear tones.

There are no techniques to learn - Just purse your lips and let the music flow with this easy-to-play Pan Flute!

Pan Flute
  • High quality plastic pan flute designed just for kids
  • Encourages concentration, planning, music skills, creativity
  • Explore the truly timeless delights of music-making!
  • Each pipe is embossed with the note it plays
  • Features special mouthpiece for easy playing
  • Tuned to a C Major scale
  • Includes one Pan Flute
  • Comes in blue or red - Color chosen randomly by manufacturer
  • Color choice not available
  • High quality materials and construction - Lasting durability, exceptional music-making experience