LOVE, ME Project

LOVE, ME Project

This little heart was handmade with love by our seven year old girl who wanted to make a difference.

Her message was simple:

give it with love, peace, joy and happiness.

from your heart.

Proceeds of this purchase will go towards nonprofit organizations committed to making a change in the world.



Our daughter has been so moved with all the transition that has been happening throughout our beautiful valley and the rest of the world. She has been eager to help but didn't know how!

This is her solution:

She was sitting at the breakfast bar coloring overhearing everything that was going on, she heard how we were accepting donations for the families that lost their homes and she was in shock when she saw the devastation. She asked if kids lost their crayons, we told her yes, they lost everything. She said I will give them mine. That is how we came up with this idea. Papa was baking cookies so we used the cookie mold to break down her crayons and create this heart! It represents life, love, hope and peace. She only made a dozen and is selling them for $10! Proceeds will go directly to organizations in need! Help spread the word!! Each heart will come with a little box and stuffing so it's ready to be given as a gift. Every heart took 40 of her crayons to make. Give it to yourself or to a child or to someone who needs a smile in their day!