Hazel Village- Celia

Hazel Village- Celia

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Celia is one of our newest huggable organic handmade dolls from the young designers at Hazel Village in Brooklyn, New York.

She's made of organic cotton jersey and stuffed with soft, hypoallergenic polyfill, so she's safely hand-washable. Her long braids come tied with organic twill, but children can untie them and style her hair any way they choose.

Her face is hand embroidered with organic cotton thread, making Celia safe even for babies as long as loose clothing is removed first.

Her clothes can be interchanged with any of her Hazel Village friends.

  • 14 inches tall
  • Designed in Brooklyn, NY by Hazel Village
  • Made of organic cotton, organic linen and hypoallergenic polyfill
  • Hand crafted in a certified organic workplace in India
  • Recommended for ages three and up unless loose clothes are removed