Go, Grandma, Go!


This surprisingly fun board book celebrates grandmothers of a variety of age and ethnicity through bold, bright illustrations and rhyming text. Most of the grandmas portrayed are shown being active and adventurous in activities like sledding, hiking, and surfing, which limits the applicability and relatability this book has to many real life grandmothers. However, grandmas and grandchildren are also seen grocery shopping, flying kites, and snuggling on a hammock. Simple shapes and little to no shading, along with the playful facial expressions of the grandmothers and children, make the illustrations particularly understandable for young children yet still exciting, detailed, and beautiful enough for any age. The text accompanying each colorfully illustrated scene consists of two lines of original rhymes and the additional phrase, “Go, Grandma, go!,” until slowing down on the final page with a relaxing “Slow, Grandma, slow.” Both the short rhymes and lively illustrations encapsulate a sweet representation of grandmothers and the beauty they bring to a grandchild’s life, ending with the lingering elicitation of favorite memories of and emotions associated with grandmothers.