Holographic Evil Eye Sticker
Holographic Evil Eye Sticker

Holographic Evil Eye Sticker

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Item Overview
• Handmade item
• Height: 3 inches
• Width: 3 inches
• Ships worldwide from Portland, Oregon

Item Details
Ward off bad vibes with our new Nazar / Evil Eye stickers in rainbow hologram!

Evil Eyes (Nazar Boncuğu) are good luck charms used to ward off evil intentions & bad energy of others. In Turkey they are most commonly made out of glass and hung in the entrances of ones homes, shops and business ~ and also worn as jewelry and hung in the car. Many believe it casts or reflects a malevolent gaze back upon those who wish harm upon others. They are not perfectly shaped, because evil comes in all shapes and sizes. 🧿💙🧿

- 3 inch wide ~ not a perfect circle
- Shiny vinyl, scratch proof & waterproof
- Reflects a rainbow of colors!
- Makes perfect party favors