Hubi’s Surf Atlas


Surfing, geography, culture, wildlife, and STEM concepts combine in this illustrated atlas. Hubi’s Surf Atlas is for every ocean lover and buccaneer spirit—perfect for the dreamy adventurer of any age, fun-loving expert or budding surf family. Read aloud, enjoy radical illustrations, tackle new facts, discover the planet, bring smiles to the hammock, homeschool or classroom. Hubi’s surf adventures will engage readers with learning that excites and inspire them to dream big dreams.

Explore Earth through surfing. Tow into record-breaking waves in Nazaré Portugal; trailblaze across the rainforest of Bioko Island; discover a tubing jewel along Namibia’s Skeleton Coast, leave the safety of California’s shores to challenge the “Himalayas of Surfing” 100 miles out at sea.

Ignite curiosity through 200+ facts, maps and infographics. How do tidal bores make it possible to surf rivers? How do surfers prepare for the planet’s biggest waves? What is a seamount? Can a frog weigh as much as a surfboard? How do wave pools work?

Immerse yourself in stories, reports, and spot guides from every corner of the globe. Shiver alongside Hubi in Norway; sail to Antarctica with good friends; get seasick below deck in Indonesia and surf through the Amazon.

Benefit from an all-time glossary. A comprehensive glossary includes all the color-coded surf, adventure, and STEM lingo used in the book. Regular foot, kelp, rip current, monsoon, mangrove, etc.—it’s all in there.

Enjoy endless reading and fun within the one-kilo hardback’s 96 pages of solid surfing gold. Hubi’s Surf Atlas is a coffee table book designed for use and built to last.

Relevant at any age. Read to and develop basic STEM concepts among early readers (5-9), exploration for chapter book capable readers (7-10), and independent reading for middle-grade readers (8-12). Multiple layers and access points entertain all ages.