IM YOGI Kids Yoga Cards


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Hand illustrated inclusive yoga cards for kids.
Yoga is a great mindful activity for the little ones, helping to increase self confidence, body awareness and mindfulness.

The IMYOGI deck contain 35 cards, split into 7 colour-coordinated categories that will take you through a well-rounded yoga practice, from warm-up to cool-down. Creating sequences will be a breeze for you and so much fun for the little ones.

The back of each card is colour coordinated to indicate its category. It also includes simple steps to guide you correctly and safely into the pose, along with the name of the animal and its habitat, a fun way to combine learning about yoga and nature.
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1x IMYOGI card deck (high quality 400gsm cards, A6 in size)
♥ 35 yoga poses
♥ Simple instructions on the backs of each card
♥ Breathing exercises and affirmations included on some of the cards
♥ Packed in a beautiful box

made in the Netherlands