This downloadable paper doll is for personal use only. You can not distribute, resell or use it for commercial purposes. 
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We are thrilled about our collaboration with ONEderChild to celebrate Pride month! Color and create your own moveable paper doll with this printable version. All you need is slightly thicker paper, scissors, color pencils or markers and mini brads or some thicker string. I know that most of you don’t have brads or paper fasteners in the house so let’s assemble the doll
using some string.




1. Print on regular paper and glue the sheet onto thicker paper before cutting out all the parts. The file is set up to be printed on standard letter size 8 1/2” x 11". When printing, please make sure your printer prints at 100% scale.


2. After you color your paper doll, carefully cut out the parts with scissors. 


3. Punch small holes where indicated with a safety pin or a needle. Prepare 6 pieces of string (I use baker’s twine) each one about 5” long and tie a knot on one end of each piece. 


4. Let’s start with the legs. Take the first string and thread it through a needle. Then take the left thigh and the left leg and thread the string through the bottom hole of the thigh and the one in the leg. Pull it through and the knot at the end will stop the string in position. Next do the same by attaching the thigh to the body. Turn the doll around and tie the two strings together by making a double knot. Do the same with the right leg.


5. Now we are attaching the outfit and arms to the body by matching the holes and again thread the string through the holes with a needle. Once you have done both sides turn 
the doll around and tie those two strings together...


Have fun and share your creations with us on Instagram!