Melting Poop Putty Kit


There are some days you just feel like a poop emoji-smiling but still poop. The Melting Poop Putty Set combines the craze of putty with the equally popular poop emoji image to form a part craft/part toy set. This moldable putty comes in an easy-to-store container with its own poop emoji mold.

The non-toxic "poop" putty in the Melting Poop Putty Set is non-toxic and reusable. Simply fill up the poop emoji mold with the putty and then un-mold your own melting poop emoji. As the poop sits, it starts to melt and returns to its original putty form. Use the mold over and over for poopy fun!

Melting Poop Putty Set Features:

  • Material: Non-toxic Putty, ABS
  • Packaging: Color Box & Display
  • Size: 2.75"L x 1.5"W x 4.25"H