Men's 80's Cartoon Bear Costume Size Large


Halloween - 'tis the season to frighten your foes scary and cover yourself in blood. Or is it? Not everything has to be all gloom and horror, as you can see here with our Men's 80s Cartoon Bear costume. This delightful pink ensemble takes the very best of the 80s - those awesome little bears - and leaves the awkward haircuts behind. Throw it on with one swift pull of the zip and you're good to go. It even has fluffy little ears for when you're feeling particularly cozy. Match all the colors of those candies with your rainbow belly, and feel the super soft inner lining for when it's bear bedtime. Added bonus? This bear makes for the perfect hangover onesie, so whether you've had too many magic porridge cocktails or just OD'd on the candy, it's got you. Heck - skip the party and cuddle up.