Mini Moon Salt Lamp


This listing is for ONE (1) Himalayan Salt Lamp - Natural Polished Stone Crystal Light (SALTLMP)

STOCK PHOTO. These lamps will vary in size and characteristics.

Gorgeous shade of Orange /Peach and red light with has a USB cord.

The white moon comes with a changing light color and has a USB cord.

These would look perfect anywhere in your home, also great for gifting!

ORANGE MOON - red light color

Our Himalayan Salt Lamps hand shaped round on a wood base with a Wood design attached to the front. They are thought to be an Energy Booster and  help in purifying the air around you. With it's warm hue of color this stone helps uplift your mood, reduce stress and aides in relaxation. 

Stone Measure approx.: 5.5" tall x 4" across
weighs approx.: 1.5lbs