Push-Along Animal’s


Push along animals! 

PUNK-DUCK: This wooden push-along duck looks sweet, cute and a little "different". It is undoubtedly the perfect companion for children on their first independent steps in life. As a lively wooden toy with character, it will conquer the hearts of the children and consequently also the children's rooms. Its typical waddling duck gait with the large rubber feet impressively rounds off the already unique overall picture. The little push-along punk will attract astonished looks and rightly so!

SEAL: Learning to walk is twice as much fun with a wooden push-along toy. The cute seal balances not only a ball, but also two fish. These start to turn as soon as you start pushing. This classic wooden toy accompanies your child in its discovery of the world and stimulates movement. goki stands for responsible, high-quality wooden toys. Lovingly designed, they offer child-friendly play value for children from the age of one.

KING FROG: The king of the push-along frogs can hop. He is made of solid wood, wears an elegant crown and does not change his appearance when kissed.

LADYBIRD FLORAH: When the ladybird is pushed, it flaps its wings comically and inspires children to run.




PENGUIN: If you push the animal it waddles funnily and invites you to run.