Rainbow Fill N’ Chill Plus Storage Bag and Seat

Type: Bag

A plush collection is only impressive when it's NOT a giant mess. This huge Rainbow Fill N' Chill is a functional storage bag for all of your plush toys and animals. But what makes it truly special is the 2-in-1 functionality—once it's full, it becomes a cushy chair for hanging out, playing, gaming, creative time and more!

Fill N' Chill toy storage bags add a smile to any room—literally! The face that adorns the front encourages organization and even makes cleanup *gasp* fun! The built-in handle lets kids tote it from room to room, while the colorful artwork and ultra-soft material adds extra pizzazz to your child’s play space.

It measures approximately 21 inches in diameter—the perfect size for kids and their active play patterns.

• It's a plush storage bag and comfy seat—all in one

• Fill with plush toys to create a relaxing cushion

• Makes toy cleanup fun

• Built-in handle allows for easy moving

• Ultra-soft material

• Approx 21 in in diameter