Dazzling Travis


An empowering story for gender nonconforming kids or any little one who dares to be different

"You're a boy!" the kids exclaim. "You can't play with a doll." But Travis has confidence and no regard for social norms. There are so many things to like all around. No limits or range can hold him down. "I am who I am! There's no boy or girl line. In sports or in dress-up, I'll sparkle and shine." Dresses and armor one day, ballet and basketball the next. Travis sets no limits on what he enjoys doing. But when some of the kids on the playground begin to pick on him, will Travis dull his shine or decide to truly dazzle?This empowering story encourages kids of any gender to challenge the social norm, revealing their true selves. The best book for positively addressing gender stereotypes. Dazzling Travis by Hannah Carmona Dias carries the key message of gender, stereotypes and being different supported by the many advocates of positive parenting solutions. This book will perfectly round out your home or school library among other stories that focus on confidence and being who you are. Like the work of Alexandra Penfold (All Are Welcome) and Gabi Garcia (I Can Do Hard Things).This book comes with a free Reader's Companion, complete with discussion questions, lesson plans and activities to go beyond the book. Download your copy direct from the publisher website.