The Tooth Fairy Kit

Type: Tooth

The perfect kit to start your Hold the Magic Tooth Fairy tradition! The first gift includes the useful “Bigger” (magnifying glass) that will help your child read their tiny fairy notes.

Kit includes three fairy-sized, tiny gifts (give one for each lost tooth!):

  • Magnifying glass (aka the “Bigger”) in brass
  • Tooth Care Bear: a fuzzy teddy bear and a fairy sized toothbrush set!
  • Tools set: 10 movable metal tools in a wooden toolbox

Also included:

  • 3 letters (1 per gift) in tiny, magical gold envelopes. Each illustrated by the Tooth Fairy sharing stories from Fairyland, encouraging kindness and self care
  • 1 vial of fairy dust to sprinkle a magical trail (as you wish)
  • Each of the 3 Tooth Fairy gifts are delivered in a convenient, golden "treasure" drawstring bag