Trans Pride Rainbow

Type: Room Decor
A rainbow to show your pride for the trans community....a hand painted wood wall charm
approx 5”x10”
comes with a hole and string - ready to hang
A little bit about how we came to make this 
Queerness is more than just loving who you love... it's about being whoever you want to be! 
Great Lakes Goods and Peach Fuzz are excited to introduce the Trans Pride Rainbow inspired by the iconic flag designed by trans rights activist Monica Helms. Studies show that just one accepting adult can dramatically alter the life of an LGBTQ youth and reduce the risk of suicide by 40%. It is our goal in this collaboration to honor our queer ancestors and to create a visible symbol of solidarity to our future. Toss this rainbow in your window, let your wall wear it with PRIDE! 
You, however you come and whoever you love, are beautiful and welcome here! 
Visibility, representation and RESOURCES are what the queer youth of America need. 30% of each sale of our Trans Pride Rainbow will be donated to Trans Lifeline, a trans-led grassroots organization that offers emotional and finacial support to trans folks in crisis.