Uni-verse, Collectible Surprise Unicorn with Mystery Accessories

  • MAGIC REVEAL EXPERIENCE: Dunk the cloud in warm water and it magically dissolves, revealing bags filled with your collectible unicorn, matching friend, 2 accessories, a bio card and collector poster
  • SO MANY THEMES AND STYLES: There’s over 40 Uni-Verse unicorns to collect Find unicorns with scents, fun hair and glow in the dark finishes in themes like donuts, makeup, popstars and more
  • MIX AND MATCH ACCESSORIES: Each figure includes 2 accessories they can wear Discover lipstick and donuts for horns, purses and a mustache for mouths and more. Mix and match for sillier combinations
  • SCRATCH-OFF BIO CARD: Learn about your unicorn on the bio card Using its hoof, scratch the spaces to find its likes, dislikes, favorite food and rarity Track your collection on the collect