World Animals Observation Puzzle
World Animals Observation Puzzle

World Animals Observation Puzzle

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At DJECO we believe in collaboration.
Everyday we collaborate with artists and illustrators
to deliver the most beautiful, artful toys available.
The most unknown collaboration we have is with our
very own team. Each year the staff gathers from all areas
of the business, from accounting to purchasing, to share
ideas for the next generation of Observation Puzzles.
The time spent together is fun and encourages everyone
to deliver whatever ideas, big or small, silly or serious,
to be considered. It's here in this process we speak truly
about "from the hearts and minds of DJECO", we bring
you the most creative puzzles to entertain your family.

Who doesn't love a build and seek puzzle? Challenge friends
and family to find the characters hidden inside.

Made in spain, story themed illustrations, build on top of the enclosed poster. Strong packaging communicates the activity.

  • 5+ years
  • Poster included
  • 24" x 15"