Shaggy Baggie Tote Bag - Kids Reusable Bag

Type: Bag

You’ll never say “wait, is that bag mine?” again! Only from Good Banana, these Shaggy Baggie helps kids and parents stay organized with a smile. This tote combines the soft, comforting feel of a favorite toy with the utility of a tough carry-all bag. Trying to get the kids out the door for a road trip? Need a beach bag that won't get mistaken for someone else's? What about an overnight bag for extra clothes? Shaggy Baggies will come to the rescue.

Aside from its delightfully furry face, each Shaggy Baggie has durable canvas construction with a smooth inner lining to outlast your adventures in parenting. Kids will find them charming and easy to identify, with a personality that makes it easy to fake that you've got all the details figured out.

It measures 13.5 inches tall x 14.5 inches wide x 4.5 inches deep — just the right size for games, activities, spare clothes, beach gear, arts & crafts, and of course toys.