Flying Wooden Stork Nursery

Type: Mobile

The Flying Wooden Stork Nursery Mobile is the most elegant out of the bunch. Yet he is also the biggest out of all of them. And it is because of his size that when he starts flying, his movement is absolutely exquisite and even calming. You just can't take your eyes off of him. The stork is the original mobile that started everything. Just like storks bring babies, once he was created he has brought all his other friends "to life". He is handmade out of spruce wood, weighed out by hand, and hand painted.

The stork is almost completely kept in his natural wooden design to bring out the beauty of the wood and its patterns. Just the end of the wings and body are painted in black. The peck and leg(s) are in red. The colors have been tested and are completely non-toxic, therefore safe for children.

The flying stork is not a toy, it is a hangable accessory meant for any room in the house. It will make everyone happy, but is especially perfect for mommy's with newborn babies ❤ 🙂

Made in Czech Republic