My First Witch Kit


Each kit will include:

  • One Crystal Ball

  • One Cauldron

  • One Potion Bottle

  • One Spell Book

  • One Tie Dye Altar Cloth

  • One Animal Familiar

  • What’s a familiar? A familiar is your animal guide, protecting you on your journey. All the little witches have one!

You tell us what resonates with you most: a familiar from air, by land, or by water. From there, your familiar will choose you and come as a surprise!

Our family of familiars include:
Air: Bat | Raven | Death Moth
Land: Cat | Wolf | Fox
Water: Toad | Turtle | Octopus

Who will your familiar guide be?!

It’ll all come packed up in a black drawstring bag for play anywhere you go!

Clover + Birch hardwood toys are cut from walnut and sanded smooth twice - once by machine and again by hand. After careful sanding, each piece is polished with organic coconut oil. The carved embellishments offer a safe (and beautiful) alternative to paints and dyes.

Hand wash with hot water and mild soap. You can also find our specialized toy cleaner here. Re-polish as needed with coconut oil or beeswax cream.

Each of our toys comes gift wrapped as our treat to you, and if you would like us to include a card, please let us know during checkout. We heart the earth too, so all our shipping materials are recyclable and compostable.